The Top Deck room hire is free and can seat up to 130 people. A bartender is provided free for up to 50 people.
Contact us to talk about your Wedding Reception, Birthday, Reunion or any other Function.


Value Pack
Chef’s Selection from Fish Bites, Spring Rolls, Calamari, Mini Dim Sims, Party Pies or Sausage Rolls
Small $60 (45 pieces)
Large $100 (95 pieces)

The Ox Favourites

Chef’s Selection from Chicken Wings (plain or spicy), Satay Chicken Skewers, Meat Balls, Cheerios, Garlic Chicken Balls or Quiches
Small $75 (45 pieces)
Large $150 (90 pieces)

Top Deck Pack

Chef’s Selection from Sushi Rolls, Skewered Prawns, Chicken Sticks, Crostini with Beef and Salmon, Natural Oysters or Pizza Pieces
Small $100 (45 pieces)
Large $190 (90 pieces)

Sandwich Platters

Chef’s Selection with Variety of Fillings
Small $50 (50 pieces)
Large $90 (80 pieces)

Cheese & Greens

Chef’s Selection of Cheeses, Crackers and Greens

Seafood Platters

Chef’s Selection from Fresh Market Seafood
from $100

Alternate Drop A

Please choose 2 Main Dishes from the following:
All served with chips and salad
Chicken Schnitzel
250 gram Rump Steak
Beer Battered Barramundi
$18 per head

Alternate Drop B

Please choose 2 mains from the following:
Pork Belly served with Chips and Salad
Pan fried Salmon served with Chips and Salad
Chicken Breast served with Mash and Greens
250 gram Rib Fillet served with Chips and Salad
$31 per head

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